Using Auto Mode

Engaging the autopilot (Auto mode)

  1. Steady the boat on the required heading.

  2. Place the pushrod over the tiller pin. If necessary, extend or retract the pushrod using Rudder Control.

  3. Switch working mode from STAND BY to AUTO: the tiller pilot will enter Auto mode.

Disengaging the autopilot (Standby mode)

To return to hand steering:

  1. Remove the pushrod from the tiller pin to return to hand steering.

  2. The last heading is memorized and can be recalled (Returning to previous Heading)

Changing course

In Auto mode,

use Control Course to Steer to change course in steps of 1° and 10°.

For example: press -10 three times for a 30° course change to port:

Automatic tack feature (AutoTack)

This function will perform a turn of 100º to either starboard or portboard.

In Auto mode,

  1. Select tack side: starboard or porboard. Next CTS will display target course.

  2. Once you are prepared to start the turn, press SET CTS.

Dodging obstacles

To avoid an obstacle when your boat is under autopilot control,

  1. select a course change in the appropriate direction.

For example,

When safely clear of the obstacle, you can either:

Returning to the previous heading

  1. CTS will change to initial value when Auto mode was selected.

Off course alarm

The off course alarm sounds if the locked autopilot heading and the boat’s current heading differ by more than the value set in calibration parameter Off course alarm angle (see Get Installation Parameters) for more than xx seconds. A Warning will be displayed in the Virtuino App.

Cancelling the off course alarm

To cancel the off course alarm,

Note: If the off course alarm sounds, this is usually an indication that the boat is carrying too much sail, or that the sails are badly balanced. In these conditions, you can usually obtain significant improvements in course keeping by improving the sail balance

Automatic deadband control

When the tiller pilot is set to Auto Deadband, the pilot will gradually ignore repetitive movements of the boat and respond only to true course variations.

By preventing unnecessary rudder movement, Auto Deadband provides the best compromise between power consumption and course keeping accuracy.

If you want to switch off the Auto Deadband feature:

  1. From Stand by, Auto or Track mode, Set new Autopilot gain and change parameter Deadband Type to switch from Auto (A) to Fixed Deadband:

To switch back to Auto Deadband,

  1. Set new Autopilot gain and change parameter Deadband Type to Auto (A)

Current Deadband value can be monitored in Virtuino App, Configuration pannel. Blue led is on when heading is within current deadband.

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