Commissioning Process

This chapter explains how to commission your tiller pilot after installation. This consists of a number of simple functional tests followed by a short sea trial.

Before first use of Fenix Autopilot, user shall go through the complete Commissioning process.

Functional tests

Switch on

1. Switch on the main power breaker.

2. The autopilot should beep and display the compass heading.

This shows the autopilot is active. Note: If the tiller pilot does not beep or display the compass heading, please refer to the Fault Finding section.

Operating sense

The operating sense defines the direction the tiller pilot will apply helm when a course change key is pressed or the boat goes off course. To check the operating sense:

1. Place the pushrod end over the tiller pin.

2. Press +10.

3. The helm should move to produce a turn to starboard

If the helm produces a turn to port, refer to the following instructions on reversing the operating sense.

Reversing the operating sense

Feature not available in Fenix V0.1.

Check Interfaces

To be completed

Checking the Serial I/F

Checking the Virtuino App interface

Checking the OpenCPN interface

Initial sea trial

To be completed

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